Ash Plywood

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In search of good hardwood plywood? Ash may be the ideal choice. This guide provides a complete overview of ash plywood’s properties and uses, along with detailed information about the most popular types of ash plywood on the market. Ash Plywood Properties Ash trees used for plywood offer beautiful wood with plenty of strength, shock … Read more

How to Make a Shuffleboard Table

shuffleboard table

Shuffleboard is an old game, having started in England in the 1400s. Originally called “shove-grout” it involved shoving a “groat,” which was a large silver coin, down the table. While similar to today’s version, shuffleboard has become more formalized, with actual tables made special for the purpose, rather than using whatever table is available. Special … Read more

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How to Install/Lay Shingles

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Most people are afraid to install shingles on their own roofs, and with good reason. A full third of fatal construction accidents happen from people falling off of roofs; so proper safety is essential when installing any sort of roof. But with the right safety precautions in place, installing a roof really isn’t all that … Read more