How to Neutralize Red Tones in Wood

wood tones, red wood

Red-toned woods are some of the most unique and most unusual colored woods around. But that doesn’t mean that they are perfect when applied in all situations. Some colors clash with red and so a major piece of furniture that is red might not go properly in a particular room. People either put up with … Read more

Lacquer Versus Polyurethane

wood finishing, polyurethane, lacquer

The natural beauty of wood can be mesmerizing, with the lines and swirls of the grain drawing us in. Anyone who has worked with wood has developed an appreciation for its natural beauty. That beauty can be brought out by the right application of the right finish, enhancing the colors to make the grain even … Read more

How to Lighten Stained Wood

mesquite, bleached by grey

As times change, so do styles. This doesn’t apply just to clothes and cars, but to the cabinets and furniture in our homes as well. Different types of wood and wood colors will be popular for a time, and then be replaced by other colors. This leaves the homeowner with having to put up with … Read more

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