How to Paint a Plywood Beer Pong Table

unpainted plywood beer pong table with cups and pong balls outside on the grass

A round of beer pong on games night wouldn’t be complete without a customized painted beer pong table. Building a table from plywood is an easy, affordable, and highly rewarding DIY project you can do over a few weekends. Choosing the right paint for your beer pong table is one of the most important parts … Read more

How to Make Knotty Pine Look Modern

hallway with knotty pine on walls, ceiling, and doors

Knotty pine is a type of softwood often used for decorative finishes in the home, like furniture, wall paneling, window edges, doorframes, and trim. It’s a popular choice for most households because of its natural orange-honey color, fine texture, straight grain, and small, tight knots that are easy to cut around. Often considered a beautiful … Read more

An Installation Guide to Epoxy Floors in Garages

white colored epoxy floor in garage with blue and black flakes

Epoxy is frequently used for garage floors because it’s strong, reliable, and easy to apply at an affordable price. When choosing the best type of epoxy for a garage, it’s important to consider the condition of your concrete base, the weight you need your flooring to hold, and what color/design you prefer your flooring to … Read more

Using Plywood for Bathroom Walls, Subfloors & Vanities


Plywood is ideal for use in bathrooms because of its strength, moisture resistance, and adaptability for any residential construction project. Choosing the best plywood for bathrooms depends on what you’re building, how strong you need the surface to be, and the finish you’d like to achieve.  You can use plywood to build a bathroom vanity, … Read more

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