Using Plywood for Bathroom Walls, Subfloors & Vanities

Plywood is ideal for use in bathrooms because of its strength, moisture resistance, and adaptability for any residential construction project. Choosing the best plywood for bathrooms depends on what you’re building, how strong you need the surface to be, and the finish you’d like to achieve.  You can use plywood to build a bathroom vanity, … Read more

Chipboard vs Plywood: Strength, Weight, Price & Uses

Plywood is a term used to describe all types of wood for residential construction projects, but, despite the different types available, it’s not the same as chipboard. Both chipboard and plywood use different materials and undergo a variable construction process. This impacts the core density, loadbearing capacity, appearance, moisture resistance, and overall finish.  Choosing the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Plywood
Paneling for Walls


Wall panelling is an historically popular way to protect interior and exterior walls from damp, wind, and rainfall. Today, all types of wall panelling can protect a home from adverse conditions. However, nowadays, it’s more popularly used as a fashionable way to decorate a home and create a lavish interior for a low price tag.  … Read more

4 Inch Upholstery Foam

ottoman, upholstery foam

An experienced woodworker may know everything there is to know about the types of wood they work with, while still being totally ignorant about other materials that might be used in conjunction with them. One category of materials that most woodworkers know little about is upholstery materials. Yet one doesn’t have to build too many … Read more

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