How to Clean Old Unfinished Wood Floors

unfinished wood floor

Hardwood floors add a lot to any home. The natural beauty of wood provides warmth and comfort in a way that is both visually attractive and durable. Properly cared for, hardwood floors which are over 100 years old can be as good today, as the day they were installed. But what if those floors haven’t … Read more

Liquid Nails vs Wood Glue

display case drawer, gluing, clamping, wooden

Adhesives are critical to both woodworking and carpentry. While there are other means of fastening wood together and wood to a variety of other materials, adhesives are the β€œgo to” in countless cases, even when used in conjunction with other forms of joining materials together, such as using fasteners. An understanding of the different types … Read more

Will Wood Burn When Cooking

wooden skewers

Using wood in cooking is nothing new. We use wood to provide heat for cooking, as well as using wood inside the oven or over the fire at times. Wood skewers and their shorter cousin, the toothpick have long been used to hold food together; not just for horderves, but also in the oven and … Read more

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