Luan vs Baltic Birch


Luan plywood, which is native to the Philippines, can either be white or red in color. This type of plywood also has an intricate, almost textured appearance in its grain. Baltic Birch plywood, on the other hand, does not have an intricate design. It can often be considered dull or plain looking, as it is usually light in color as well.


Luan plywood is often soft and pliable. This makes it an ideal type of wood to use for “hobby” type projects, or those in which appearance is more important than durability. For instance, many people use this type of plywood for toys or others small crafts. Luan plywood may also be used in boats or subfloors because of the waterproof glue used in exterior grades of this plywood.

Baltic Birch plywood is often hard and more durable than Luan plywood. Baltic Birch is typically used in various home improvement projects, such as building furniture, small crafts, and even sports and musical equipment, which require high durability.

Benefits of Luan Plywood

Luan plywood does have its own set of advantages over Baltic Birch, including the following:


This type of wood has an interesting grain pattern. Paint or wood finish can also be easily added.


While prices can vary depending upon location and availability, Luan plywood typically costs slightly less than Baltic Birch plywood.


Luan plywood is light weight and pliable, meaning that it can be manipulated and used in a wide variety of projects. It can also be waterproof or pressure-treated.

Benefits of Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch plywood also has a distinct set of advantages over Luan plywood, such as;


This type of wood is hard and strong. This means that it can be used for a variety of projects and in many different environments without damage. Like Luan plywood, Baltic Birch can also be weatherproof or pressure-treated.

baltic birch,snow,landscape,sun,winter,cold,blue sky
Baltic Birch in snow, Anita


Because Baltic Birch is such a widespread species (most of the Northern hemisphere and a good portion of the Southern hemisphere), it is available to almost everyone. This may also help in lowering the price, depending on where one purchases it. So, although Luan plywood may be slightly cheaper in general, it could also be harder to come by or even more expensive if the area does not naturally carry the product.

Depending on geographical location, these types of plywood may be more or less available. However, for the most part, they can each be purchased at local manufacturers, store chains (ex. Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.), or even online.

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