African Mahogany Plywood

mahogany, plywood

Mahogany has been a popular wood for fine furniture for centuries, ever since it was first used in the early 1700s. Queen Anne liked the look of the wood and so much antique Queen Anne furniture was made of it. Thomas Chippendale furthered the popularity of mahogany, when he began using it. but not everyone … Read more

Cocobolo Plywood

cocobolo, wooden, pen

Cocobolo is one of the more beautiful woods there is. Native to Central America, the wood of the cocobolo tree is one of the most variegated, with colors ranging from yellows, through oranges and reds to a wide range of browns. Streaks of black and purple can even appear in it. The sapwood tends to … Read more

Padauk Plywood

padauk, padauk plywood, wooden, bench

Padauk is a beautiful wood with strong reddish hues. Cut from the tree bearing the same name, the wood starts out a bright red, darkening to a reddish-brown, almost purple color over time. This color change can be slowed somewhat by the application of finishes which have been developed to protect the wood from ultraviolet … Read more

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