Wood File Organizer

Back in 1978, a company named Micronet, Inc. promised us what they were calling the “paperless office.” Since then, that catchphrase has been taken up by many others, promoting its imminent arrival. Yet after over 40 years, our offices are still filled with paper. In fact, according to one study by Microsoft, the use of … Read more

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Wooden Tilt-Out Trash Bins

tilt-out trash can, existing drawer, hinge, existing cabinet door, supports for bottom, trash can support

One of the problems in every kitchen is where to hide the trash can. By and large, trash cans aren’t very attractive and what’s in them is even less so. That’s especially true when the trash can gets full and nobody wants to take the trash out. While it might be possible to buy a … Read more

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DIY Kayak Rack

kayak, garage ceiling, pulley, eye screw, cleat, wood C bracket

Outdoor sports are great family activities, especially during the warmer summer months. Unsurprisingly, many families invest in the equipment to partake of these sports, causing storage problems. While storing an inflatable beachball might not be much of a problem, the larger the item is, the more we struggle with finding a place to store it. … Read more

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