Stainable Wood Filler

filling wood, wood filler

Filling wood is one of those things that goes part and parcel with woodworking. Perfect joinery, with no cracks and nail hole to fill is theoretically possible, as shown by the work of some of the finest woodworkers. But even they often have something that needs a bit of filling. Unless we are going to … Read more

How to Remove Paint from Wood with Vinegar

removing paint, exterior wood panels

By and large, when people paint things, they want those things to remain painted. That doesn’t meant that paint always ends up where we want it. Drips and drabs while we’re painting is a common phenomenon; much more common than any of us would like. And who hasn’t pulled up masking tape sometime, to find … Read more

Plywood Stairs Makeover

plywood stairs, staircase, laminate

Contractors are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the cost of building homes. This is especially apparent in tract homes, which by definition are built to be low-cost housing for first-time and middle income homeowners. While savings of a dollar or two here or there may not seem like much when doing a … Read more

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