Plastic Edging for Plywood

Ask any carpenter and he is going to tell you that plywood is the best material for making any kind of furniture. However, he is also going to tell you that the most annoying aspect of the plywood is its edges. You see plywood is an engineered wood having many plies of wood veneers stacked and glued together to form a single piece of composite material that is both strong and durable than ordinary wood but its edges clearly show that it is not wood and in fact a combination of woods. The edges of the plywood are thus a problem from the aesthetic point of view of woodworking and they have to be remodeled somehow to hide the exposure of the plies. Plastic edging for plywood is one solution to this problem.

What is Plastic Edging for Plywood?

Plastic edging for plywood is nothing but a duplicate edge that has been plastered on the plywood edge to remove its ugliness and provide the plywood item an enhanced aesthetic appearance. For instance, let us consider the example of a desk made from plywood which is bound to have a plywood edge that would mar the appearance of the rest of the desk. By applying plastic edging on top of this edge, you can make the desk edge appear much more elegant and in tune with the rest of the desk. Plastic edgings are usually made using t-molding. The plastic edge is applied onto the corners of the tables by glue or by sinking screws. The plastic edging is available in a number of colors.

Application of Plastic Edging

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Plastic Edging on Gunwales, Michael Storer

Plastic edging for plywood can be used for all kinds of applications for masking the plywood and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the plywood item. However, the best application of edgings is undoubtedly in the making of tables and desks. The reason for this is that such furniture items are highly likely to get worn out by the constant bumps that they receive during normal use. The t-molding plastic edging can help in preserving the life of such type of furniture and can also give them a very nice look as well.

Uses of Plastic Edging for Plywood

Plastic edging for plywood can be used in other avenues as well where the main target is to mask the edge of the plywood to ensure that the plywood would not get degraded and worn out because of the exposed edge. Flooring is one of the areas where t-molding plastic edging has been used. For instance, consider a space between two types of floors that needs to be filled. In such an area, the t-molding edging can prove to be very useful. It can bridge the gap between the two floors seamlessly and would ensure that you have a level floor which transitions from one type of surface to the other without any difference. Likewise, plastic edging can be used for many other areas where plywood is being used.

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