Wood File Organizer

Back in 1978, a company named Micronet, Inc. promised us what they were calling the “paperless office.” Since then, that catchphrase has been taken up by many others, promoting its imminent arrival. Yet after over 40 years, our offices are still filled with paper. In fact, according to one study by Microsoft, the use of … Read more

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How to Neutralize Red Tones in Wood

wood tones, red wood

Red-toned woods are some of the most unique and most unusual colored woods around. But that doesn’t mean that they are perfect when applied in all situations. Some colors clash with red and so a major piece of furniture that is red might not go properly in a particular room. People either put up with … Read more

Removing Plasterboard Walls

removed plaster

Starting in the 1930s and continuing through the 1950s, there was a major change to how homes were built. Interior walls, which had previously been made of lath and plaster went through a transformation, with the preferred material of choice becoming plasterboard or drywall. Although these might seem like two different materials, they are actually … Read more