Compression Quilt Hanger

cutout, profile, chamfer, drawer pull, wall, deep groove, routed

Quilt-making is not a uniquely American craft. Like many other things, it was brought across from Europe by early settlers. But it is here in the United States that quilting truly came into its own as an artistic handicraft. Through the years, quilting has changed in many ways, with each era having its own style … Read more

Attic Knee Wall

attic knee wall, existing rafter, knee wall stud, existing subflooring, existing floor truss, knee wall top plate, knee wall floor plate, portion for knee wall top plate

Pretty much all homes come with an attic. The real question is whether or not that attic is usable space or not. Homes today are made mostly with trusses, as that’s a more cost-effective way of providing the roof with the support it needs. Trusses also allow for large open spaces in the rooms below, … Read more

Plinko Board

plinko board, layout, chip, frame, pegs, slot dividers, slots

The Plinko Board has become a popular game for children’s parties and school carnivals. But this simple game was actually invented for use on the game show “The price is Right.” There it was played for cash prizes ranging from under $100 up to $50,000, rather than the simple prizes that might be awarded to … Read more

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