How to Apply a Shellac Finish to Plywood

Applying shellac to plywood is a traditional way to finish your woodworking project. Made from insect-secreted resin flakes dissolved in alcohol, it’s a non-toxic finish that’s quick and easy to apply. Shellac is ideal for grained plywood or wooden furniture. The finish magnifies the grain and offers a glossy, glass-smooth finish. Shellac is only available … Read more

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How to Remove a Stripped Screw From Wood


A stripped screw is when a flathead or Phillip’s head screw has worn out to the point where you can’t get a good grip on it to easily remove it from wood. Stripped screws are usually old, rusted, or damaged from using the incorrect drill bit or speed to insert or remove them. Keep reading … Read more

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How to Figure Angles for Cutting Wood

a tape measure, hammer, pencil, and angle finding protractor on top of a plank of wood

Calculating angles is an essential part of most woodworking projects. You’ll usually need to figure angles when building furniture, or starting any project that requires two pieces of plywood to fit together perfectly, like building frames (for doors, windows, or pictures), tables, or wall paneling. There are two types of angles you can measure: standard … Read more

How to Paint a Plywood Beer Pong Table

unpainted plywood beer pong table with cups and pong balls outside on the grass

A round of beer pong on games night wouldn’t be complete without a customized painted beer pong table. Building a table from plywood is an easy, affordable, and highly rewarding DIY project you can do over a few weekends. Choosing the right paint for your beer pong table is one of the most important parts … Read more

How to Make Knotty Pine Look Modern

hallway with knotty pine on walls, ceiling, and doors

Knotty pine is a type of softwood often used for decorative finishes in the home, like furniture, wall paneling, window edges, doorframes, and trim. It’s a popular choice for most households because of its natural orange-honey color, fine texture, straight grain, and small, tight knots that are easy to cut around. Often considered a beautiful … Read more