Safe Wood Cleaning Products

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One thing we tend not to think about, when building wood projects, is keeping them clean. The finishes we apply provide a luxurious appearance, which we expect to stay forever. Yet as people use the things we’ve created, oils come off their skin onto the surface. Dirt mixes with this oil, forming a relatively solid … Read more

DIY Sandblasting Cabinet

exhaust air filter, gloves, base to floor, glove to floor, window center to floor, overall height

A sandblaster is not exactly a common shop tool for those of us who consider ourselves to be woodworkers. Nevertheless, many of us also do other types of DIY projects, where owning a sandblaster would be extremely convenient. There’s no better way of removing rust from old tools that are being refurbished or to clean … Read more

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Build Fish House

raffters, door, hinged cover, hole in floorboard, bench seat, corrugated roofing

Fishing is a popular pastime for those looking to get away from it all. A day spent on the lake or river, getting the line wet and hopefully catching dinner is a great way to relax, commune with nature and clear one’s head from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some people are so … Read more

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