Wood Toy Trucks

pieced together truck

Before plastics took over our world, people and companies had to make things out of different materials. If we look at the toys of a century ago, we’ll find that many toys which are made out of plastic today were made out of wood, fabric, metal and even leather. Commercially manufactured toy cars and trucks … Read more

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Bamboo Plywood

bamboo plywood, dresser

Bamboo has long been used as a building material in the Far East and seen as a curiosity here in the West. That’s rapidly changing though, as people are finding more and more creative ways to use bamboo in the place of either wood or paper. Today it is possible to find bamboo “paper” towels, … Read more

Meranti Plywood

meranti plywood

Meranti plywood, long known as Philippines Mahogany, is a product of the Red Mahogany tree, which grows in Indonesia and the Philippines. However, the name “Philippines mahogany” doesn’t just apply to the wood of one tree, but rather to several trees which produce similar looking wood with similar characteristics. This makes actual identification of the … Read more