Replace Stair Spindles

stair spindles

An attractive staircase can add a lot to a home’s appearance. Stately homes were often known for the grand staircases they had off the entry foyer. While most of us don’t have those stately homes, many of us do have a staircase and it might even be located off the entry foyer. The design and … Read more

How to Install Recessed Lighting without Attic Access

recessed lighting

Recessed lighting, otherwise known as “can lighting” is popular for adding light to a room, providing highlights to make something stand out or providing mood lighting. It is an excellent way of providing light to individual areas of a room, especially a large one or to make a smaller room look bigger. Compared to other … Read more

Amish Fence Puller

barbed wire fence

Installing any fence can be a lot of work. Many people avoid it, because of that. Even more, they’ll avoid putting in wire fences, whether chicken wire, livestock wire, or bar fire, as well as chain-link fences. That’s not because those wire fences are any harder to build than wood privacy fences, it’s because they … Read more

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