Wood Carving Tools

custom gunstock carving

Of all the types of woodworking out there, carving can be the least expensive to get into. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to spend a lot on woodcarving, because it’s quite possible. As in any other area of woodworking, how much one ultimately spends depends a lot on how deeply the carver wants … Read more

Compression Quilt Hanger

cutout, profile, chamfer, drawer pull, wall, deep groove, routed

Quilt-making is not a uniquely American craft. Like many other things, it was brought across from Europe by early settlers. But it is here in the United States that quilting truly came into its own as an artistic handicraft. Through the years, quilting has changed in many ways, with each era having its own style … Read more

Drill Porcelain Tiles

porcelain tile drill bit

Those of us who work with wood are often stymied when forced to work with other materials. Yet there are a number of projects we might undertake, which require that we not only work with those other materials, but do so like an expert. Sometimes, the cost of failure is just too high to pay. … Read more

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