DIY Kayak Rack

kayak, garage ceiling, pulley, eye screw, cleat, wood C bracket

Outdoor sports are great family activities, especially during the warmer summer months. Unsurprisingly, many families invest in the equipment to partake of these sports, causing storage problems. While storing an inflatable beachball might not be much of a problem, the larger the item is, the more we struggle with finding a place to store it. … Read more

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Lacquer Versus Polyurethane

wood finishing, polyurethane, lacquer

The natural beauty of wood can be mesmerizing, with the lines and swirls of the grain drawing us in. Anyone who has worked with wood has developed an appreciation for its natural beauty. That beauty can be brought out by the right application of the right finish, enhancing the colors to make the grain even … Read more

Stainable Wood Filler

filling wood, wood filler

Filling wood is one of those things that goes part and parcel with woodworking. Perfect joinery, with no cracks and nail hole to fill is theoretically possible, as shown by the work of some of the finest woodworkers. But even they often have something that needs a bit of filling. Unless we are going to … Read more

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