Everything You Need to Know About Epoxy Resin Table Tops

The look of a bar or restaurant can be heavily influenced by the design of its tables. A wooden table with an oil finish gives the impression of a vintage establishment, while a modernist concrete top brings to mind something more minimalist.  But even before you begin thinking about what type of table might suit … Read more

Best Practices For Your DIY Deck Stairs Project

In a lot of older homes, the front porch is just a small stoop with little or no space for a set of traditional outdoor steps. It’s common to see DIY projects on websites like Pinterest where people build their own outdoor steps and railings.  While this can be an expensive project if you hire … Read more

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Why Contractors Are Making The Switch To Precast Concrete Steps

If you’re a contractor, you know that there are many different materials to choose from when it comes to building steps. While wood is still a popular choice, more and more contractors are switching to precast concrete steps. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that precast concrete steps offer many … Read more

Room Partition Walls – How To Make The Most Out Of Your Space


Room partition walls are a great way to utilize space in your home or office. They can provide privacy and create separate spaces for different activities. If you’re looking to learn more about room partition walls and ways to make the most out of your area, read on for tips on how to use room … Read more

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Load Bearing Walls: What They Are And How To Spot Them


When you think of a wall, you probably picture something that stands up and holds things like cabinets, shelves, or wallpaper. You probably don’t picture a wall that can’t stand up because it can’t support the load above it; however, this is exactly what we mean when we talk about load-bearing walls.  Understandably, many people … Read more

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