Drill Bit Stuck in Wood

drill bits

Amongst the many different things that can go wrong while working with wood, is cutting tools getting stuck in the wood mid-cut. But the most common tool to get stuck in wood is a drill bit. This can happen simply because the drill bit isn’t properly tightened in the drill’s chuck, but it usually indicates … Read more

Chair Seat Replacement

wooden chair with, yellow seat

Most reupholstery projects are usually best left to the professionals, as they require a heavy-duty sewing machine. There is an exception though; that’s reupholstering dining room chairs. The vast majority of dining room chairs don’t require any sewing to reupholster them, unless they have a removable cushion that is made with piping on the edges. … Read more

Drapery Pull Rod

the window opening, header, drywall, jack stud, king stud, double ceiling plate

Hanging curtains is something that’s simple enough that it really shouldn’t cause any problems. Nevertheless, after a lifetime of hanging curtains and seeing other people do so, I can assure you that this is actually much more challenging than just putting in a couple of screws with either a drill/driver or a screwdriver. The problem … Read more

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