How to Figure Angles for Cutting Wood

a tape measure, hammer, pencil, and angle finding protractor on top of a plank of wood

Calculating angles is an essential part of most woodworking projects. You’ll usually need to figure angles when building furniture, or starting any project that requires two pieces of plywood to fit together perfectly, like building frames (for doors, windows, or pictures), tables, or wall paneling. There are two types of angles you can measure: standard … Read more

Chipboard vs Plywood: Strength, Weight, Price & Uses

Plywood is a term used to describe all types of wood for residential construction projects, but, despite the different types available, it’s not the same as chipboard. Both chipboard and plywood use different materials and undergo a variable construction process. This impacts the core density, loadbearing capacity, appearance, moisture resistance, and overall finish.  Choosing the … Read more

Rot Resistant Wood

rot resistant, wood

Wood is a wonderfully durable material to work with, holding lasting beauty that has been known to last for centuries. But not all woods are equal and one of the ways they are unequal is in their ability to withstand the ravishes of nature. When wood is no longer part of a living tree, it … Read more

European Plywood

baltic birch plywood

Plywood has become a staple for construction and woodworking, since it was first invented in 1865. Although an American invention, plywood has been adopted worldwide, to the point where over two billion dollars worth of the plywood used in the United States is imported. Most of this imported plywood is made to US specifications; but … Read more

OSB Alternative

osb, plywood, closeup, texture, wood, sheet, abstract, backgrounds, blur, board, brown, chip, chipboard, closeup, dirty, fiber, flat, floor, grained, hardwood, material, multi-layered, natural, panel, pattern, perspective, plank, rough, splinters, surface, texture, timber, wall

Oriented strand board (OSB) was conceived in 1965 as an alternative for plywood. Originally called “waferboard,” it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “chipboard.” But chipboards are made from waste material produced at lumberyards. The sizes of the chips are extremely inconsistent, negatively affecting the overall strength of the product. OSB on the other hand … Read more

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