Aircraft Plywood

aircraft plywood

The idea of making aircraft out of plywood may seem strange to us today, but back in World War II, when there was a shortage of enough aluminum to make the massive fleet of aircraft needed for the war, plywood became one of the alternatives used by aircraft designers. The British De Havilland Mosquito bomber … Read more

Rotary Cut Plywood

face veneer, veneer cuts, veneer thickness

All plywood is made from veneers which are laid up and glued together so that the grain is perpendicular to the adjacent layers. But even within that seemingly tight definition, there can be a world of difference between one sheet of plywood and the next. Wood choice, quality of material, thickness, surface finish and the … Read more

Rhino Lining Plywood

truck bed liner, spraying bed liner

Truck bed liner, aka β€œRhino Liner” was a great invention of 1988. A solid elastomeric polyurethane material, this material has protected the beds of thousands of trucks since it hit the market. Today, we have many imitations on the market, some with a similar chemical makeup and others which are quite different, including at least … Read more

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