Linden Plywood

carving, linden, plywood

Linden plywood is also known by the regional names of basswood and title. Various strains of the tree species grow throughout Europe, North America and parts of Asia. Basswood is the name most commonly used in the United States, while Europeans refer to the same wood as Linden and the name Title is used throughout … Read more

Birch Plywood

laminated, Baltic birch, plywood

Birch plywood is one of the more popular hardwood plywood options available today. Generally sold as either “baltic birch” in Europe or “appleply” in the United States, birch plywood is used extensively in the cabinetmaking industry, as well as for furniture and architectural applications. While it is used more for furniture and cabinetmaking today, it … Read more

Alder Plywood

alder, plywood, kitchen cabinet, wooden

Different woods are constantly moving towards the forefront as others become less common. Over-harvesting of certain woods drives the price up, as the trees near extinction. At the same time, other woods, which have been largely ignored, gain in popularity. Such is the case of alder wood, a hardwood from the northwestern coastal area of … Read more

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