Wooden Mortar

wooden, mortar, pestle

The mortar and pestle has been around since somewhere around 35,000 BC. They have been used to crush grains and other food products, both wet and dry. While they have been largely replaced by other, more modern methods in recent times, there are still cooks today who find a mortar and pestle extremely useful, especially … Read more

Wood Over Plastic

wood plastic, composite decking

It can be said that we live in a plastic world. Ever since plastic was first invented, in 1907, it has taken over more and more applications from metal, wood, glass and other more natural materials. Many products or parts of a product that were once made of wood or metal can no longer be … Read more

Difference Between Timber Lumber and Wood


Sometimes, the terminology that we use to describe the products we work with can be quite confusing. The same item or group of items can be called by a variety of different names. At the same time, the same name can refer to different items. These problems are made all that much worse when we … Read more

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