Wood Burning Stove in Basement

wood stove, basement

Many Americans choose the option of having their homes built with an unfinished basement, if they are fortunate enough to live in a part of the country where soil conditions and the water table allow for building basements on homes. Few start out with this extra space finished, banking it for the day when they … Read more

Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

shutter, battens, boards, paddle spacers

Shutters are an attractive addition to the outside of nearly any home, providing an additional accent to the exterior. With most homes being painted in one solid color, with a contrasting color for the trim, shutters are typically painted in the trim color, adding to the visual interest of the home. Of course, that’s not … Read more

How Much Weight can a Beam or Post Hold

beams, columns, wooden

At its structural core, the style of building that we do consist of beams and columns. It was the ancient Romans, the same people who gave us arches, who came up with the idea of using timbers as structural elements in construction. The first lattice truss bridges were built by the Romans, using wood timbers, … Read more

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