Porch Ceiling

porch ceiling

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial goals of many couples. There’s something special about owning your own home and fixing it up the way you want, reflecting your personality. While there is always work that we do to our homes because it is necessary, that’s not the work we enjoy doing. What … Read more

Iron and Wood Gates

iron, wood, gates

When it comes to fences and gates, we have two basic options open to us; wood and metal. Oh, there’s vinyl as well, but that’s actually just a replacement for wood; one that really isn’t any cheaper and doesn’t last longer either. With metal, we’re either talking about wrought iron, which is really welded steel … Read more

Pressure Treated Fence Posts

pressure treated fence posts

Building any style of wood fence pretty much requires using wood fence posts. These are usually pressure-treated 4”x 4”s, sunk into the ground and often anchored by concrete. While a smaller cross-section might be able to be used, especially for a low picket fence, 4”x 4”s are still the standard, offering strength and resiliency against … Read more

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