How Much Weight can a Beam or Post Hold

beams, columns, wooden

At its structural core, the style of building that we do consist of beams and columns. It was the ancient Romans, the same people who gave us arches, who came up with the idea of using timbers as structural elements in construction. The first lattice truss bridges were built by the Romans, using wood timbers, … Read more

Triple 2 x 10 Beam Span

Triple 2x10 beam span

Wood-framed buildings use standard dimensional lumber as the load-carrying members, divided into two categories: posts, which are vertical elements holding up the weight of the structure and transferring that weight to the foundation and beams which support the weight between the posts. Of the two, posts are much more easily understood, as they only have … Read more

Wrap a Beam in Wood

wrap styles, lap joint, miter joint

Beams and columns are an important part of any home’s structure. As architectural styles change, trending to larger open spaces and higher ceilings, with more complex roof designs, the need for beams becomes greater. But those beams don’t always look attractive, especially in areas of the home which were not originally finished, so the builder … Read more

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