Wood Floor Inlay

layout, wood inset

Wood floors have made a comeback, with many people preferring them over other flooring options. That’s not surprising, considering wood flooring’s natural beauty and durability. Wood tends to make a home look richer, partially due to the perception of how costly these floors are and partially due to how many finer homes we’ve all seen … Read more

Drill Press Table

drill press table

A drill press is an incredibly useful tool, ignored by many woodworkers. Originally developed to be a metalworking tool, the drill press definitely has a place in the modern wood shop. It provides a means of drilling holes much more accurately than can be done with a handheld drill. It’s especially good at holding perfect … Read more

How to Cut Wood Slabs

wood slabs

Wood slab tables, bars and countertops have had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. While wood slabs have been in use for years, they were mostly considered a fringe style, used by hippies and other non-conformists. But today, “live edge” slab furniture is found in corporate boardrooms and the homes of the wealthy. That … Read more

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