Floating Fireplace Mantel

commercial floating mantel, brick wall, commercial floating mantel bracket, pocket holes for bracket

Traditional fireplace mantels are mounted on two square pillars, one being on either side of the fireplace. This was so commonplace at one time, that many people consider the pillars as part of the mantel. But in more recent times, the design of fireplace mantels has changed, becoming modernized. This has included the elimination of … Read more

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Making a Table with a Floating Top

inset floating top, table top, spacer, table skirt

Tables have taken on an extensive variety of different shapes and styles through the ages. Functionally, the shape and style aren’t the important part; what’s important is that the table provides someplace to set things, whether for storage, décor or use. Even so, style defines our lives, giving us a way of expressing our unique … Read more

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Wooden Grinder

wooden pepper grinder

Do a quick Google search for “wooden grinder” and you’re likely to find a whole lot of listings for things which are euphemistically referred to as “herb grinders”, but are actually for grinding cannabis. Apparently, freshly ground cannabis is better in some way. But grinding spices, herbs and coffee existed for centuries before the legalization … Read more

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