DIY Toddler Bed

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At some point in time, every toddler needs to move out of their crib and into a “big girl bed” or “big boy bed.” This could mean moving up to a twin-sized bed, but for many families, the intermediate step of a toddler bed is a good move. Since the toddler bed uses the same … Read more

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How to Make a Wooden Car

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Wooden cars are classic toys, of the type that our granddads and great-granddads played with. They’re the kind of toys which can be made in any woodworking shop, even one with limited tools. Most are rather simple, although there are plenty of examples of some really complex wood cars out there. It’s natural that toy … Read more

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Gorm Pedalboard

gorm pedalboard

Guitars and the use of guitars have changed through the years. What once started out as an acoustic folk instrument eventually led to the refinement of classical guitar music. In more recent times, guitars have become a mainstream instrument, not only in playing folk music, but a whole gambit of different genres. Today, guitars are … Read more

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