Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

wooden, puzzles

Puzzles are an important part of a child’s cognitive development. From the time they are first able to grasp things with their hands and place them where they want, albeit with difficulty, we give children toys that involve them putting things together. Shape toys, where they have to fit shapes into matching hole are puzzles, … Read more

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DIY Wooden Playhouse

playhouse, wooden, diy

In order to have the coolest backyard in the neighborhood, at least as far as kids are concerned, there needs to be something more in it than just grass and trees. Granted, children can play with anything, even a cardboard box; but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy having the “right stuff” to play with. … Read more

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Can You Use Laminate Flooring on Walls

accent wall, laminate flooring

The idea of using wood paneling to cover the inside walls of homes has existed for millennia, with the earliest reference I know of being in the Bible’s old Testament book of Haggai. While cheap paneling became popular for use in tract homes in the middle of the last century, throughout history it has been … Read more

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