Virola Plywood

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Virola is a relatively new wood in the plywood family. This is one of the few woods which are sold under their scientific name, rather than their common name. It is also known by the names Ucuuba, Sebo, Dalli, Cumala, Cajuea and various other names. The virola tree is one that is largely considered a … Read more

Plywood Grains

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Physical and Aesthetic Properties of Plywood Grains To observe physical and aesthetic properties of plywood, we must know is a composite material that is made by gluing several plies of wood together. The meshing of the plies of the wood is done in a very systematic manner keeping in mind the direction of the grains … Read more

Luan vs Baltic Birch

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Appearance Luan plywood, which is native to the Philippines, can either be white or red in color. This type of plywood also has an intricate, almost textured appearance in its grain. Baltic Birch plywood, on the other hand, does not have an intricate design. It can often be considered dull or plain looking, as it … Read more

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