Hardwood vs Softwood

hardwoods, softwoods

All types of wood are broken down into three basic categories: hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. When we’re talking about engineered wood, we’re usually talking about the various forms of plywood, including such things as MDF and OSB. Engineered woods are distinctive in that they are made of wood fibers which have been separated from … Read more

Blondewood Plywood

blondewood cabinet, blondewood plywood

Going into any home improvement center can be an experience. Today’s marketplace is filled with new products, with more being added all the time. There’s no real way of knowing if the products that were there last week will still be on hand or if they are, if they will come from the same supplier … Read more


plytanium, georgia pacific

Plytanium is a trade name, registered to Georgia Pacific, the nation’s largest manufacturer of plywood products. It is their premium softwood plywood product and although not rated as such, it should probably be considered an ACX rated plywood. The Plytanium line of plywood products contains a number of different products, designed for different applications. Plytanium … Read more

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