Bamboo Plywood

bamboo plywood, dresser

Bamboo has long been used as a building material in the Far East and seen as a curiosity here in the West. That’s rapidly changing though, as people are finding more and more creative ways to use bamboo in the place of either wood or paper. Today it is possible to find bamboo “paper” towels, … Read more

Douglas Fir Plywood

douglas fir, plywood, construction

Douglas fir is the hardest of all softwoods, even though it is a conifer with the distinctive needles of all conifer trees. The trees are fast-growing and can attain 150 feet in height. When the Douglas Fir tree grows in dense forests it is self-pruning, allowing the lower branches to die off. This creates wood … Read more

Hardwood vs Softwood

hardwoods, softwoods

All types of wood are broken down into three basic categories: hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. When we’re talking about engineered wood, we’re usually talking about the various forms of plywood, including such things as MDF and OSB. Engineered woods are distinctive in that they are made of wood fibers which have been separated from … Read more

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