Paracord Bracelet Jig

paracord bracelet jig dimensions, carriage bolt, washer and wing nu, p-clamp

The paracord bracelet has become somewhat symbolic of the prepping and survival movement, often referred to as a “survival bracelet.” One might wonder why it is referred to as a survival bracelet, considering that there really isn’t much 10 feet of rope can do to ensure one’s survival. While it might be helpful, it’s not … Read more

Safe Wood Cleaning Products

cleaning, polishing, wood floor

One thing we tend not to think about, when building wood projects, is keeping them clean. The finishes we apply provide a luxurious appearance, which we expect to stay forever. Yet as people use the things we’ve created, oils come off their skin onto the surface. Dirt mixes with this oil, forming a relatively solid … Read more

How Long Does Plywood Offgas

Off gassed plywood

Some people complain about the smell of plywood or of new construction where plywood has been used. This smell is part of a process called “off-gassing” and is common not only to plywood, but to a number of other materials as well. Even latex paint will offgas for as much as six months. Although off-gassing … Read more

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