Installing Quartz Countertops

quartz, countertops

Home styles change through the years. While there are classic styles which stay with us forever and there are people who are specifically trying to capture the style of a particular era, that’s not the majority of people. Most people would rather go for something modern, following the trends of style to have their home … Read more


toenailing, angle bracket

Perhaps the most challenging nailing technique to master is that of toe nailing, also referred to as “skew-nailing.” However, there are times when toe nailing is essential, especially in framing homes. It is most often used when a board’s surface is unavailable for face nailing. For clarification, face nailing is the term used to refer … Read more

Cross Nailing

crown molding, cornes, cross nailing

There are several different specialized nailing techniques that can be encountered in woodworking. Each, of course, has its own name, although those names are not used uniformly by everyone, everywhere. The same term might actually end up being used in different places, each of which has its own understanding of what it means. Such is … Read more

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