Glass Door Wall Cabinets

glass door, wall cabinets

There are many cabinet styles to choose from today; but that hasn’t always been the case. Back before cabinetmaking was industrialized, the carpenters working on a home would build the cabinets. This limited the styles available to what tools, specifically molding planes, the carpenter had available in his workshop. Due to their ease to make, … Read more

Insulate Attic Stairs

insulation, attic stairs

Attic storage is important in any home. With the amount of available storage dropping in modern homes, people need someplace to store their Christmas decorations, camping gear and other items that they don’t use all the time. For many, that means making use of attic space. Installing an attic ladder makes it easier and safer … Read more

Attic Hatch Insulation

insulated, attic hatch, attic

Insulating the attic of a home is important, considering that as much as 85% of a home’s heat loss takes place through the attic. This is a basic function of physics, since heat tends to rise. The attic hatch or ladder only accounts for a small part of the total ceiling in the home, but … Read more

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