Wood Storm Door with Glass

wood storm door, glass

Storm doors seem to have lost popularity over the last few decades. It may be nothing more than contractors not including this feature on homes, as sort of a cost-cutting measure. There are other things we’ve noticed them leaving off as well, giving a lot of credence to that as a possibility. This may not … Read more

Attic Knee Wall

attic knee wall, existing rafter, knee wall stud, existing subflooring, existing floor truss, knee wall top plate, knee wall floor plate, portion for knee wall top plate

Pretty much all homes come with an attic. The real question is whether or not that attic is usable space or not. Homes today are made mostly with trusses, as that’s a more cost-effective way of providing the roof with the support it needs. Trusses also allow for large open spaces in the rooms below, … Read more

Pilot Holes

pilot hole, counterbore, countersink, clearance hole

I’ve used screws as my main method of joining wood together for most of my life. It’s only recently when those screws have become largely replaced by dowels or mortise and tenon joints. Still, there are many times when screws are just the best and most convenient fastener choice to use. Of course, screw aren’t … Read more

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