Maple Plywood

maple, ambrosia maple, chest, wooden, wood, slabwood, cottage, brown, planks, lumber

Maple wood is a very popular hardwood for furniture making and a variety of other purposes. This fine, tight-grained wood is extremely white, hard and easily provides a very smooth surface. The natural grain pattern is much more subtle than many other hardwoods, making it a popular choice for fine furniture. At the same time, … Read more

Oak Plywood

oak, wood, lumber, panel, surface, plywood, heavy, car, garage, car, ford, toolbox

Oak has long been a favorite hardwood for furniture and cabinet making. Along with cherry and maple, it is considered one of the classic hardwoods for fine furniture. Well known for its density and hardness, Oak provides a high degree of strength, along with beautiful grain contrast and patterns. Due to the high cost of … Read more

Phenolic Plywood

phenolic, desk, worktable, table, laminated, plywood, 10867, black, wooden, drawer

Phenolic plywood is somewhat of a misnomer as it should more realistically be called “phenolic faced plywood” or “phenolic covered plywood.” The veneer core plywood itself isn’t made of phenolic; it’s generally made of birch. What makes it “phenolic” is that both surface veneers are soaked in phenolic resin before attaching them to the plywood. … Read more

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