Hardwood vs Softwood

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All types of wood are broken down into three basic categories: hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. When we’re talking about engineered wood, we’re usually talking about the various forms of plywood, including such things as MDF and OSB. Engineered woods are distinctive in that they are made of wood fibers which have been separated from … Read more

Suar Wood

suar wood, furniture, wooden, bench

Suar wood is the wood of the Albizia Saman tree, sometimes called the Rain Tree, a tree native to South America and planted in Indonesia as a plantation tree. The wood is known by a number of different names, including Monkeypod, Samenes Saman, Parota, South American Walnut, and Acadia, as well as Suar Wood. It … Read more

Why Use Sande Plywood

3/4'', plywood, sheets

What is Sande Plywood? Sande plywood is a marine purpose plywood. It is typically sapwood and heartwood that is yellowish white, light brown, or yellow in color. This wood texture is medium to moderately coarse. The grain can vary from narrowly or widely interlocked and the manufacturing process for this type of plywood incorporates a … Read more

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