Most Expensive Wood

brazilian rosewood blanks

Adding exotic woods to a project, either as an accent or as the main wood used in the project, is enjoyable, making that project special. When properly used as an accent, it can add incredible beauty, without adding a whole lot of cost. Even these expensive woods, when used in small quantities, as accents, actually … Read more

Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors

old hardwood floor

One of the joys of buying an older home is the attention to detail put into those homes when they are built, especially the woodwork. Ornate architectural trim, multi-paneled solid wood interior doors, real brass hardware and hardwood floors are all part of the charm of these older homes and the reason why some people … Read more

Hardwood vs Softwood

hardwoods, softwoods

All types of wood are broken down into three basic categories: hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. When we’re talking about engineered wood, we’re usually talking about the various forms of plywood, including such things as MDF and OSB. Engineered woods are distinctive in that they are made of wood fibers which have been separated from … Read more

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