Rhino Lining Plywood

truck bed liner, spraying bed liner

Truck bed liner, aka “Rhino Liner” was a great invention of 1988. A solid elastomeric polyurethane material, this material has protected the beds of thousands of trucks since it hit the market. Today, we have many imitations on the market, some with a similar chemical makeup and others which are quite different, including at least … Read more

Melamine Plywood

melamine, plywood, art

Melamine plywood is a relative newcomer to the plywood family. Made of particle board, with a melamine coating on the face side, melamine plywood is used extensively in the manufacture of kitchen and bath cabinets, as well as furniture where a solid white surface is desired, rather than wood grain. Melamine is an organic compound … Read more

Particle Board Versus Plywood

particle board, sheets, wooden, pallets

The term “plywood” used to apply only to actual plywood – an engineered wood product, made of wood veneers which are glued together with the wood grain perpendicular to the adjacent layers. That plywood still exists, but today the term can be applied to any engineered wood product which is sold in sheets. This includes … Read more

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