Finishing Touches on Wooden Utensils

wooden utensils, wood, kitchen, wax

Health issues with wooden kitchen items Many people have wooden cooking items in their kitchen—from bamboo cutting boards to serving spoons/forks make from common fruitwood trees. However, these wooden kitchen staples are disappearing from home and commercial kitchens worldwide; ceding kitchen space to plastic and metal replicas. One of the concerns surrounding wooden utensils and … Read more

Applying Finishes to Plywood-Based Items

finished, table, wood, boat

Perhaps no aspect of woodworking inspires as much trepidation as applying a finish to a completed project. The right finish will enhance the wood’s natural beauty and highlight your workmanship. Done correctly, it represents the crowning achievement of a job and can almost make a wooden object come alive. Done poorly, it highlights and magnifies … Read more

How to Finish Plywood

wooden, parquet, floor, working, varnishing, lacquer

Plywood products which are used for visible parts of furniture and cabinets need to be finished, just as any other wood pieces would. The finish improves the look of the piece, as well as providing the wood with needed protection from dirt and spills. Proper finish visibly enhances the finished piece, as well as helping … Read more

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