Wood Carving Tools

custom gunstock carving

Of all the types of woodworking out there, carving can be the least expensive to get into. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to spend a lot on woodcarving, because it’s quite possible. As in any other area of woodworking, how much one ultimately spends depends a lot on how deeply the carver wants … Read more

How to Treat Pallet Wood for Indoor Use

pallet lounge set

Wood pallets have become a common project material, with people making everything from patio furniture to coffee tables from them. Pallets have been used for smaller craft projects, raised bed planters and for wall covering. The only limiting factors for this versatile material is finding the pallets and one’s own imagination. Most pallets are made … Read more

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How to Distress Wood


A generation or two ago, people went to rummage sales and antique stores, looking for antiques to decorate their homes. But times have changed, and people are much more aware of the value of those antiques today, than they were back then. That has raised the price of antiques to the point where most people … Read more

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