Remove Double Sided Tape from Wood

tape, wooden floor

Natural wood products are beautiful. Who doesn’t like the warmth and intrigue of how the wood’s grain appears, whether straight, swirly or burls. Contrasting grain has a visual appeal that doesn’t show up in other materials. But that beautiful piece of wood can easily become damaged by the wrong adhesive. People use various adhesive products, … Read more

Acoustic Underlayment


Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment with an upstairs neighbor understands how annoying it can be when they walk across the room, especially if that neighbor is a little heavy-footed in the way they walk. There’s not much that can be done about this when living in an apartment, but there’s no reason … Read more

Safe Wood Cleaning Products

cleaning, polishing, wood floor

One thing we tend not to think about, when building wood projects, is keeping them clean. The finishes we apply provide a luxurious appearance, which we expect to stay forever. Yet as people use the things we’ve created, oils come off their skin onto the surface. Dirt mixes with this oil, forming a relatively solid … Read more

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