Amish Fence Puller

barbed wire fence

Installing any fence can be a lot of work. Many people avoid it, because of that. Even more, they’ll avoid putting in wire fences, whether chicken wire, livestock wire, or bar fire, as well as chain-link fences. That’s not because those wire fences are any harder to build than wood privacy fences, it’s because they … Read more

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How to Make a Carpenter Bee Trap

2x4 block, holes, bee enterance, tap

Carpenter bees are one of the lesser known relatives of the honeybee, some 35 actual species, which live all across the United States and Canada, but especially in the south and east. The various species vary considerably in size; but the larger ones, which can range up to an inch long, are the most widely … Read more

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DIY Toddler Bed

toddler bed, house

At some point in time, every toddler needs to move out of their crib and into a “big girl bed” or “big boy bed.” This could mean moving up to a twin-sized bed, but for many families, the intermediate step of a toddler bed is a good move. Since the toddler bed uses the same … Read more

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