DIY Sandblasting Cabinet

exhaust air filter, gloves, base to floor, glove to floor, window center to floor, overall height

A sandblaster is not exactly a common shop tool for those of us who consider ourselves to be woodworkers. Nevertheless, many of us also do other types of DIY projects, where owning a sandblaster would be extremely convenient. There’s no better way of removing rust from old tools that are being refurbished or to clean … Read more

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Build Fish House

raffters, door, hinged cover, hole in floorboard, bench seat, corrugated roofing

Fishing is a popular pastime for those looking to get away from it all. A day spent on the lake or river, getting the line wet and hopefully catching dinner is a great way to relax, commune with nature and clear one’s head from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some people are so … Read more

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Understairs Cupboard

understairs cupboard

Finding enough storage space in a home is one of the ultimate challenges in pretty much everyone’s life. The average home just doesn’t have enough storage space and we all tend to collect way too much stuff to fit in what little there is. Finding every possible bit of unused space and turning it into … Read more

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