Wooden Dummy

leg, wooden, dummy

The wing Chun wood dummy has become a staple in martial arts training. Originally part of Kung Fu, some masters of other forms of martial arts have included Wing Chun into their training. The wood dummy used for the practice of Wing Chun provides an excellent practice workout for those who want to practice solo, … Read more

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Wooden Balance Board

rocker board

Balance boards originally started out as a therapeutic tool, used by physical therapists in the treatment of people who were recovering from injuries to their legs, lower back and anything else that affected their physical balance. It was then found to be useful as well for the treatment of those who have had damage to … Read more

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DIY Ladder Stand

platform structure, tree, block cut, scrap, header joists, ladder uprights, ladder rungs, braces, floor joists

Hunting deer is challenging, to say the least. Unlike some other types of game, deer are very flighty and will quickly run away if they sense the presence of humans. That sensitivity is turned up to maximum during hunting season, when they are spooked by the sound of the guns, causing them to try and … Read more

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