Wooden Bridesmaid Hanger

bridesmaid, hanger, wooden

Weddings are steeped in traditions, some old, some new. One of the keys to the wedding planning process is deciding which of those traditions will be incorporated into the ceremony and reception. Not everyone does the same, as there are different understandings of those traditions and their importance. One small but important tradition is the … Read more

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Wooden Candle Wick

candle wick, wooden

Most of the candles sold in stores today are made with a cotton wick, sometimes with paper filaments interlaced in the cotton for a most stable and consistent burn. The paper also helps prevent the wick from curling and becoming lost inside the wax as it solidifies, after the candle is blown out. But cotton … Read more

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Swing Set Ladder

1x4 rungs, deck height, wooden

One thing that every child wants, besides a pony, is their own swing set/jungle gym/playhouse in the backyard. While electronic toys seem to have largely captured the younger generation’s minds; there is still a place for physical play. Playing on a swing set or jungle gym helps our children develop important gross motor skills and … Read more

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