Rotary Cut Plywood

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All plywood is made from veneers which are laid up and glued together so that the grain is perpendicular to the adjacent layers. But even within that seemingly tight definition, there can be a world of difference between one sheet of plywood and the next. Wood choice, quality of material, thickness, surface finish and the … Read more

Plywood Under Mattress

plywood mattress support

Furniture changes with time; not just the style of the furniture, but the technology represented in how that furniture is made and how it functions as well. At one time, wealthy Mayan people in southern Mexico and Central America used nothing more than a platform made out of stones as their bed. This was somehow … Read more

Attic Furnace

attic furnance

As home space became more and more at a premium and fewer homes were built with a basement, architects and home builders turned to putting the furnace and/or HVAC air handling unit in the attic. While this is a seemingly good answer to solving the problem of where to put the unit, it has its … Read more

Wooden Fence with Metal Post

wood and metal fence

Most home fences are either wood or metal. Wood fences, often called “privacy fences” are usually made of cedar pickets, attached to 2”x 4” rails, which in turn are attached to 4”x 4” wood fence posts. Metal fences are usually chain-link, do not offer any privacy, and are attached to metal rails and fence posts. … Read more

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Porcelain Floor Tile Over Plywood

tile over plywood, tiles, plywood subfloor, cement board

There are those who say that porcelain or ceramic tile should only be installed over a concrete floor and that they should never be installed over plywood. While there is some reasoning behind that claim, it’s a reasoning that comes from failure. If the plywood subfloor is not properly prepared to support the tile, there’s … Read more