Wooden Mortar

wooden, mortar, pestle

The mortar and pestle has been around since somewhere around 35,000 BC. They have been used to crush grains and other food products, both wet and dry. While they have been largely replaced by other, more modern methods in recent times, there are still cooks today who find a mortar and pestle extremely useful, especially … Read more

Wooden Reindeer

pattern, wooden, reindeer

Christmas is coming. Actually, Christmas is always coming. Just ask any truly dedicated aficionado of this joyous holiday and they’ll tell you that the next Christmas season starts on December 26th. My wife starts Christmas shopping during the after-Christmas sales and plays Christmas music most of the year long. For those of us who make … Read more

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PVA Glues

using pva glue

Adhesives play an important part in woodworking. Of all the joinery techniques in existence, adhesives are one of the most common. While nails and screw are in common use, especially for building buildings, adhesives provide superior bonding, as well as the advantage of not leaving any hole behind or hardware visible. There have been a … Read more