Amish Fence Puller

barbed wire fence

Installing any fence can be a lot of work. Many people avoid it, because of that. Even more, they’ll avoid putting in wire fences, whether chicken wire, livestock wire, or bar fire, as well as chain-link fences. That’s not because those wire fences are any harder to build than wood privacy fences, it’s because they … Read more

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Paracord Bracelet Jig

paracord bracelet jig dimensions, carriage bolt, washer and wing nu, p-clamp

The paracord bracelet has become somewhat symbolic of the prepping and survival movement, often referred to as a “survival bracelet.” One might wonder why it is referred to as a survival bracelet, considering that there really isn’t much 10 feet of rope can do to ensure one’s survival. While it might be helpful, it’s not … Read more

Miter Clamps

cauls, f-clamps, notches

One doesn’t have to do a lot of woodworking before coming up against the necessity of creating tight miter joints. It seems like many simple projects require miter joints at some point, creating challenges for new and experienced woodworkers alike. While cutting a miter joint doesn’t require the degree of skill that dovetails do, getting … Read more