Swing Set Ladder

1x4 rungs, deck height, wooden

One thing that every child wants, besides a pony, is their own swing set/jungle gym/playhouse in the backyard. While electronic toys seem to have largely captured the younger generation’s minds; there is still a place for physical play. Playing on a swing set or jungle gym helps our children develop important gross motor skills and … Read more

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Purpleheart Plywood

purpleheart, table, wood

Purpleheart is a rather unique hardwood, mostly due to its color. While the color everyone associates with purpleheart is purple, true to its name, the wood can vary somewhat, it can also be greyish/brown. Generally speaking, the purple color really doesn’t appear when freshly cut, but upon exposure the wood turns more purplish. The use … Read more

Acacia Plywood

acacia, wooden, table slabs

Acacia has a unique history amongst woods, in that the furnishings of the Biblical tabernacle, sometimes referred to as the “Tabernacle of Moses” were made out of acacia wood. Some translations of the Bible use the term “shittam tree” rather than acacia, but the shittam is one of the many variants of the acacia. But … Read more