Corner Wall Cabinet

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One of the key elements of any kitchen is cabinet space. Lack of sufficient cabinet space makes it difficult to store everything we find in most modern kitchens. Kitchens become disorganized and the countertops cluttered when there isn’t enough cabinet space to store everything. Architects and kitchen designers are constantly working to make the most … Read more

Oven Base Cabinet

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One of the key features of any kitchen is a range. In most kitchens, this means a combination stovetop and oven, built together into a single, stand-alone unit. But as people upgrade their kitchen, the very idea of a free-standing range doesn’t really fit in. While there are things that can be done, such as … Read more

How Much Space Between Base and Wall Cabinets

installing base cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets would seem, on its face, to be a very simple operation. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as it might seem. In a perfect world, all any of us would have to do is set the cabinets in place and install some attachment screws. But that perfect world is assuming that the home … Read more