How to Lighten Stained Wood

mesquite, bleached by grey

As times change, so do styles. This doesn’t apply just to clothes and cars, but to the cabinets and furniture in our homes as well. Different types of wood and wood colors will be popular for a time, and then be replaced by other colors. This leaves the homeowner with having to put up with … Read more

How to Make Stairs Less Slippery

carpeting, stairs, slippery

Over one million accidents per year happen on home stairways. This accounts for up to 36 percent of all in-home accidents and includes 12,000 accidents that lead to death. While the leading causes of those stairway slips are cracked flooring, torn carpeting and frayed carpeting, a considerable number of them are due to slippery stair … Read more

African Mahogany Plywood

mahogany, plywood

Mahogany has been a popular wood for fine furniture for centuries, ever since it was first used in the early 1700s. Queen Anne liked the look of the wood and so much antique Queen Anne furniture was made of it. Thomas Chippendale furthered the popularity of mahogany, when he began using it. but not everyone … Read more