Wood Storm Door with Glass

wood storm door, glass

Storm doors seem to have lost popularity over the last few decades. It may be nothing more than contractors not including this feature on homes, as sort of a cost-cutting measure. There are other things we’ve noticed them leaving off as well, giving a lot of credence to that as a possibility. This may not … Read more

Remove Heat Stains

heat stains, clothes iron

One of the things that makes wood such a popular material is its resiliency. Oh sure, we all talk about its beauty and those of us who do woodworking as a hobby love how easy it is to work with. But it was the abundance of wood, coupled with the ease of working it and … Read more

Wood Over Plastic

wood plastic, composite decking

It can be said that we live in a plastic world. Ever since plastic was first invented, in 1907, it has taken over more and more applications from metal, wood, glass and other more natural materials. Many products or parts of a product that were once made of wood or metal can no longer be … Read more