Plywood Stairs Makeover

plywood stairs, staircase, laminate

Contractors are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the cost of building homes. This is especially apparent in tract homes, which by definition are built to be low-cost housing for first-time and middle income homeowners. While savings of a dollar or two here or there may not seem like much when doing a … Read more

PVA Glues

using pva glue

Adhesives play an important part in woodworking. Of all the joinery techniques in existence, adhesives are one of the most common. While nails and screw are in common use, especially for building buildings, adhesives provide superior bonding, as well as the advantage of not leaving any hole behind or hardware visible. There have been a … Read more

Remove Heat Stains

heat stains, clothes iron

One of the things that makes wood such a popular material is its resiliency. Oh sure, we all talk about its beauty and those of us who do woodworking as a hobby love how easy it is to work with. But it was the abundance of wood, coupled with the ease of working it and … Read more

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