Remove Heat Stains

heat stains, clothes iron

One of the things that makes wood such a popular material is its resiliency. Oh sure, we all talk about its beauty and those of us who do woodworking as a hobby love how easy it is to work with. But it was the abundance of wood, coupled with the ease of working it and … Read more

How to Seal Attic

attic, sealing

Attic sealing is an important part of controlling heating costs. As we all learned in elementary school, heat rises. So without proper attic heating, all the money we spend trying to heat our homes can effectively be going up in smoke, just as if we lit a fire in a fireplace, allowing the hot smoke … Read more

Replace Stair Spindles

stair spindles

An attractive staircase can add a lot to a home’s appearance. Stately homes were often known for the grand staircases they had off the entry foyer. While most of us don’t have those stately homes, many of us do have a staircase and it might even be located off the entry foyer. The design and … Read more

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