Vinegar and Steel Wool

steel wool

Aged and distressed finishes are very popular today. Look in your average furniture store, and you’re not just going to find highly polished pieces, you’ll find a fair amount of distressed furniture mixed throughout. Obviously this isn’t all old furniture; it has been made to look old artificially. There are a number of special materials … Read more

How Many Coats of Primer

paint, primer, cans

Many people try to skip over using primer on their projects, mostly as a way of saving money and labor. What they don’t realize in doing this, is that they are taking away from the ultimate quality and beauty of their labors. Regardless of the kind of finish one is using, the right primer helps … Read more

How to Stain Wood

staining wood,wood finish,cabot

Everyone appreciates the natural beauty of wood, especially woods with a pronounced grain pattern. But even the best of woods can be enhanced, bringing out more of their natural beauty. That’s where stains come in. Staining wood can both change its color and accentuate the grain, making it more appealing than ever. Wood staining can … Read more

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