Wood Coasters


Protecting a finely built piece of wood furniture is just as important as building it. Many a tabletop has been marred or even ruined by people setting drinks or hot dishes on it, leaving permanent marks in the finish. While it is often possible to remove this damage and refinish the tabletop, that’s an extra … Read more

Beeswax for Wood

beeswax for wood

Finishing a project is just as important as any other step in building it. Proper finishing not only protects the wood, but also makes the grain stand out, showing off the wood’s true beauty. Depending on the finish selected, it can even help establish the mood of the piece, with a glossy finish attracting attention … Read more

How Long to Let Wood Glue Dry Before Sanding

wood glue

Quality joinery is the defining mark of the experienced woodworker. We start learning joinery with the very first project we make, putting two pieces of wood together and spend the rest of our woodworking career improving upon that. There are so many different types of joints to make, many of which require some real practice … Read more

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