Protect Plywood from Fungi

plywood, fungi

Many people think that plywood’s biggest enemy is moisture. While there is plenty of reason to believe that, the biggest enemy of wood in general is fungi, so that would have to apply to plywood as well. Allow me to explain. Moisture alone can damage many types of plywood and other engineered wood products by … Read more

Can You Plaster Over Plywood

plastering upstairs, plaster over plywood

One of the more challenging home remodeling projects occurs when homeowners want to change the appearance and texture of their home’s walls. While one might think that it shouldn’t be all that hard to do, the trick is finding a way to do so, without having to take the plywood, paneling or wallboard off and … Read more

How to Make Plywood Look Nice

varnished plywood pieces, smooth finish

Plywood is about the most popular wood product on the market. The various grades and types of plywood available make it possible for woodworkers to do just about any project they want, strictly from plywood. When used in conjunction with solid hardwood boards, there’s almost nothing that can’t be built. The problem with many plywood … Read more

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