How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

cutting board, wooden, cleaning, oiling

There’s a lot of false information around about wood cutting boards, mostly due to restaurants not using them. This has led people to think that wood cutting boards are dangerous, mostly because they hold bacteria, which could contaminate food. But that’s not the truth. In actuality, wood cutting boards have some antibacterial capability, as the … Read more

How to Oil a Cutting Board

oiling, cutting board

Cutting boards are a popular project amongst woodworkers, allowing them an opportunity to express their creativity on a fairly simple project, which is still extremely customizable. Design possibilities are virtually endless, especially if one has a good pile of scrap pieces to work from. Once the cutting board itself is made, it needs to have … Read more

Protect Plywood from Fungi

plywood, fungi

Many people think that plywood’s biggest enemy is moisture. While there is plenty of reason to believe that, the biggest enemy of wood in general is fungi, so that would have to apply to plywood as well. Allow me to explain. Moisture alone can damage many types of plywood and other engineered wood products by … Read more

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