How to Cut Plywood into a Circle


How you choose to cut a circle in plywood will depend mostly on how perfect you need the finished cut to be. The simplest technique will be to use some kind of compass to draw a circle on the surface of the wood, and a jigsaw to cut out the circle. Do not use a … Read more

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Plywood Workbench

wooden, workbench, work

Everyone needs a workbench. If you have tools and you use them for anything more than hanging the occasional picture or tightening the occasional bolt, you’re going to hit the point where you want a workbench. The question then becomes, what do you make your workbench out of? What material to use? True dedicated woodworkers … Read more

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Making a Plywood Chair Mat

laminate, mat, chair, diy

If you have an office in your home, you’ve probably run into the problem if having a rolling chair sink into the carpet, becoming stuck and no longer rolling. This can be annoying at the least and make it harder to work at the worst. Office chairs are designed to roll for a reason, so … Read more

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