DIY Sewing Table

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Sewing is one of the oldest trades and usually the first sort of cottage industry to emerge in an industrializing society. We all need clothing and the industry that makes that clothing is one of the more essential ones to society. Yet today, that work is carried out by major corporations, with most of the … Read more

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Prevent Tearout of Plywood when Cutting

tearout, cutting, plywood

Anyone who has ever had to cut plywood for a project, has run across the big problem of working with it; that it chips and splinters along the cut edge, especially when cutting across the face grain of the sheet. This damage is commonly grouped together under the name β€œtearout,” although woodworkers use other terms … Read more

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Plywood Serving Tray

handle dimensions

Wood serving trays have been in use for thousands of years, ever since mankind started serving food on wood. While the style and material of those trays have changed considerably, modern wood trays still maintain the same sort of functionality as they did in ancient times, even though the shape may have changed. Modern trays … Read more

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Wooden Palisade

cedar palisade

The idea of wood palisades is an ancient one, with historic evidence of them going back as far as ancient Greece and Rome. Originally intended to provide security for military camps, those palisades were made of wood stakes, rooted in the ground and tied together. The Greeks made the mistake of using larger diameter poles … Read more

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Plywood Truck Cap

clamping spindle frame

Plywood and pickup trucks have a longstanding relationship with each other. While the most obvious part of that relationship being plywood riding home from the lumberyard in the back of the trucks, truck owners have used plywood to make a number of modifications to their truck beds, including inserts and caps. Properly done, these can … Read more

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