Drill Porcelain Tiles

porcelain tile drill bit

Those of us who work with wood are often stymied when forced to work with other materials. Yet there are a number of projects we might undertake, which require that we not only work with those other materials, but do so like an expert. Sometimes, the cost of failure is just too high to pay. … Read more

Deck Stairs

stair, step run, total run, step rise, total rise, stringer

Adding a deck to a home is one of the most effective ways of adding value to it. More of the cost of the deck is recouped upon resale, than just about any other remodeling project that can be done. At the same time, it offers a lot of enjoyment to the family, creating a … Read more

Toddler Learning Tower

toddler learning tower, padded safet bar, cutout handle, supports

Over a century ago, a physician and educator in Italy came up with a new concept for educating children. Her idea was to utilize children’s natural curiosity and teach them the way they learn naturally. So Maria Montessori opened her first Montessori school on January 6th, 1907, helping children to learn through doing ordinary, everyday … Read more

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