How Many Shingles in a Bundle

triangle from roof

Most roofs in America are covered with asphalt or fiberglass shingles. The two look extremely similar and in fact are, with the only significant difference being that fiberglass shingles use a fiberglass mat as the base, while more traditional asphalt shingles use a paper base. But that one difference makes the asphalt shingles more water … Read more

Is Wood a Conductor

corian, countertop, insulator

As the use of electrical appliances has increased in the kitchen, it has changed the kitchen itself. No longer do most people cook over fire, with electric ranges largely having replaced gas ones. Tedious tasks which used to be done by hand are now accomplished through the use of small appliances. More and more cooking … Read more

How Much Does a Cord of Wood Weigh

cord of wood

The term “cord of wood” has been around for a long time, going back to the early 1600s. At that time, the “cord” meant a literal cord, a piece of rope that was tied around the bundle. This became a unit of measure, which was regulated, ensuring that people got what they paid for. While … Read more

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