Engraving Plywood

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Engraving, or carving a shallow relief, in a sheet of plywood is usually achieved with a router. Note: It is very hard to carve plywood with traditional wood carving tools such as a hammer and chisel. This router could either be hand controlled or machine controlled. In either case, the router will be fitted with … Read more

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How to Cut Plywood into a Circle


How you choose to cut a circle in plywood will depend mostly on how perfect you need the finished cut to be. The simplest technique will be to use some kind of compass to draw a circle on the surface of the wood, and a jigsaw to cut out the circle. Do not use a … Read more

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Plywood Workbench

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Everyone needs a workbench. If you have tools and you use them for anything more than hanging the occasional picture or tightening the occasional bolt, you’re going to hit the point where you want a workbench. The question then becomes, what do you make your workbench out of? What material to use? True dedicated woodworkers … Read more

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