Making a Workbench Top out of Plywood

benchtop, wood, stretcher, clamps

In millions of DIY shops across the globe, the one tool that is almost as essential as it is overlooked is the workbench. Just about anything we do and anything we work on requires someplace to work; I don’t care if you’re talking about cutting, planning, chiseling or drilling. Unless that project is big enough … Read more

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Making Drawers Using Plywood

plywood, wooden, drawer

One of the benefits of using plywood for any application comes from its dimensional stability; plywood doesn’t expand or contract with changes in humidity like solid wood does. It also comes in large sheets, in a variety of thicknesses, eliminating the need to laminate pieces together to create a piece of wood that’s as large … Read more

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Common DIY Jigs Made Using Plywood


No matter what type of home improvement DIY’er you happen to be—from the old school master who uses only handtools, to the modern man whose every tool has a plug on it, or—more likely—someone in between, many common DIY tasks at home are much easier to complete when using a jig to help with the … Read more

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