Beaded Plywood Ceiling

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What is it and How to Install It Beaded plywood is a form of plywood that is used as ceiling cover in place of drywall in outdoor areas like a covered porch. It provides a cover for the ceiling and also acts as a décor item as well. Beaded plywood gives character and a unique … Read more

Which Material is the Best for Covering Plywood

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Plywood is an extremely useful material, for both architectural applications and making furniture. But the finish that the various plywood products provide isn’t necessarily attractive. While it is common to stain and varnish plywood or to paint it, there are applications where something more is needed; an actual covering material. When we’re talking about covering … Read more

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How to Make a Miter Joint on Plywood

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A miter joint is a type of a joint that is used for joining two edges together to form a corner. The edges of the two pieces that are to be joined through a miter joint have to be cut at 45 degree angles and then joined together to make a right angle. A miter … Read more