Flattening Warped Plywood

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Anyone who has had plywood sitting around their garage or workshop for more than a few days knows about the problems of warped plywood. It seems that just about any sheet of plywood is likely to bow or warp, even if stored the “right way.” Once bowed, it’s hard to work with and at times … Read more

Making a Plywood Chair Mat

laminate, mat, chair, diy

If you have an office in your home, you’ve probably run into the problem if having a rolling chair sink into the carpet, becoming stuck and no longer rolling. This can be annoying at the least and make it harder to work at the worst. Office chairs are designed to roll for a reason, so … Read more

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Painted Plywood Floors

floor, wood, flooring, paint, white

Painted plywood floors can be beautiful, and depending on the type of plywood and paint you opt for, these floors can help you save quite a bit of money. Whether you’re working on an attic, a play room for your kids, or even a den, dining room, or other living space, you’ll find that painted … Read more