Plywood Workbench

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Everyone needs a workbench. If you have tools and you use them for anything more than hanging the occasional picture or tightening the occasional bolt, you’re going to hit the point where you want a workbench. The question then becomes, what do you make your workbench out of? What material to use? True dedicated woodworkers … Read more

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Virola Plywood

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Virola is a relatively new wood in the plywood family. This is one of the few woods which are sold under their scientific name, rather than their common name. It is also known by the names Ucuuba, Sebo, Dalli, Cumala, Cajuea and various other names. The virola tree is one that is largely considered a … Read more

Plywood or Drywall?

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Since the 1950s or 1960s, most homes built have the interior walls finished with drywall, more correctly known as gypsum board. “Sheetrock,” the common name for gypsum board, is actually a proprietary name for gypsum board manufactured by USG (United States Gypsum Corp.). This relatively inexpensive engineered material was developed as a replacement to plaster … Read more