Clamping Box Joints

box joints, glue

When clamping box joints, or any complex gluing setup, there are only a few simple rules to follow. First, verify that all the parts fit correctly before gluing. Second, check that you have sufficient clamps available. Third, be sure to use a suitable glue for your circumstances. For large jobs with multiple pieces to be … Read more

Using Rabbet Joints for Plywood

rabbet, joint, wood

Rabbeting is a great way of adding strength to many projects, especially projects where there are shelves which need to be supported. Rather than using hardware to hold the weight of the shelf and whatever is on it, rabbet joints allow the wood itself to carry the weight. At the same time, the rabbet joint … Read more

Using Biscuit Joints for Plywood

biscuit, joints, woodworking

Plywood can be difficult to join together, especially when you are looking to make an invisible joint, where no hardware is exposed. The typical method of attaching pieces of a plywood cabinet casing together at the corners is with nails or screws, leaving a finishing mess. But it’s very easy to split the plywood that way, … Read more