ACX Plywood

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Amongst the many kinds of plywood available, is ACX plywood. This is a type of softwood plywood of a very high grade. While it is not a hardwood plywood, it is as if it is trying to compete with it. This is the highest grade of softwood plywood commonly manufactured, with a face-side surface which … Read more

Furniture Grade Plywood

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Definition Although you hear the term “furniture grade plywood” bandied around from time to time (usually by people who don’t know any better), there really is no such thing. Furniture is an application in which plywood is used; but there is no such grade of plywood. Rather, the term “furniture grade” is a loosely used … Read more

Tiger Maple Plywood

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Description Tiger Maple is a type of Maple plywood. The name refers to the pattern created due to the growth of grain and wood fibers. Also known commonly as “Flame Maple”, this type of plywood features wavy, flame-like lines that could also resemble tiger stripes. It is usually a brown or orange color, although variations … Read more